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Whether you are developing apartments, mixed-use, residential, office, retail or institutional buildings, you know that there is a great deal more to the starting construction than simply securing approvals and breaking ground. Every project relies on a specialized team of Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Designers, Consultants, and Vendors to get the job done, but each of those team members has a limited scope, their own interests, to protect.

Only the Owner has risk and responsibility for an entire project.

At the same time running the entire project means there is local bureaucracy to navigate, a community to engage, partners and lenders who need to be kept informed, and budgets, schedules, and proformas that must be achieved. You need someone you can trust who understands the big picture, and has the expertise to further your objectives at every turn.

Catapult will be on your side of the table from Day 1 to zealously represent you and guard your interests. Here is an outline of our process:


Project Planning

  • Manage entitlement, zoning, community outreach, and stakeholder relationships
  • Draft the initial developing plan and all financial projections
  • Prepare the program summary document
  • Develop a comprehensive project budget
  • Generate an overall project master schedule
  • Develop a management plan for communications and approvals
  • Facilitate Historic Tax Credit approval and coordination
  • Select, evaluate, and acquire sites
  • Conduct feasibility studies and planning
  • Facilitate public/private partnerships
  • Bid and procure services and retain Architect and Consultants


  • Conduct Architect and Consultant selection processes
    • Research and pre-qualify design team candidates
    • Create a matrix outlining design team responsibilities
    • Solicit proposals and negotiate contracts for Owner selection
  • Review drawings and specifications
  • Analyze design team cost estimates
  • Identify opportunities for cost savings
  • Identify and account for long lead items
  • Expedite coordination between Architect and other design consultants
  • Conduct and document project coordination meetings
  • Assist with obtaining regulatory approvals
  • Review and prepare payment recommendations for all Draws and invoices
  • Negotiate utility service agreements and easements

Bidding & Procurement

  • Coordinate review of project delivery options
  • Conduct contractor selection or bidding process
  • Conduct direct purchase vendor selection or bidding
  • Prepare comparative analysis of bids received
  • Expedite contract award and execution
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Services (FF&E)
    • Coordinate scope of design, purchasing agent work
    • Review design for compliance with project goals and objectives
    • Oversee scheduling and delivery logistics


Project Start-Up

  • Develop and apply project control systems and procedures
  • Prepare cash flow projection
  • Establish communication protocols

Construction and Installation

  • Oversee Owner, Architect and Contractor (OAC) project meetings
  • Monitor on-site construction activities
  • Review and prepare recommendations for Construction Draws and invoices
  • Review, negotiate and make recommendations for Change Orders (COs)
  • Monitor schedule and recommend recovery strategies
  • Coordinate and negotiate direct purchase vendors
  • Work to resolve disputes quickly and informally if possible
  • Coordinate formal dispute resolution actions if necessary
  • Distribute monthly progress reports
  • Maintain project documentation


  • Obtain Certificate of Occupancy approval
  • Coordinate on-site activities with marketing objectives
  • Facilitate early move-in and occupancy
  • Ensure compliance with punch list completion
  • Supervise system start-up and staff training
  • Coordinate as-built drawings and warranty information

Project Close-Out

  • Expedite substantial completion and final inspections
  • Monitor correction of punch list items
  • Review contractor and vendor submission of all required documents
  • Coordinate transfer of property operation to Owner
  • Schedule and assist with move-in activities
  • Represent Owner in final project negotiations
  • Deliver payment history and records

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